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X-Factor Judge Nicole Scherzinger is a Gigantic Douche

December 9th, 2011

Scherzinger blew it this time, America.

Before I address the title, I’ll give it to you straight – little, teeny, tiny, cutie singer Rachel Crow battled with Usher-wannabe Marcus Canty in last night’s X-Factor “results” show, and it was rough. In a good way, actually, as both singers performed extremely well in their “sing-off”.

However, anyone with a sane mind or any knowledge of musical talent had to admit that Canty was solid, but Crow was just damn amazing. The girl is 13 and she destroyed her song, while Canty continued to get by on his sometimes forced emotion and average vocals.

After Canty coach L.A. picked his boy and Simon Cowell picked his girl (Crow), it came down to Paula Abdul and the douche at hand, Nicole Scherzinger. Being of sound mind when it comes to music (and only music), Abdul made the terrific choice in picking Crow to stay and Canty to be the one to go home. Then the douche chimed in.

Nicole Scherzinger (think Pussycat Dolls, because that’s all you’ll know her from) had to ruin it all. She was a complete, utter mess, and she was the final deciding factor for last night’s show. This is a damn judge¬†who is getting paid to be a damn judge. And she couldn’t make a decision. » Read more: X-Factor Judge Nicole Scherzinger is a Gigantic Douche