Soulja Boy Buys Himself a F#cking Jet

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Soulja Boy Jet

Erbody be flying up in herr.

Famous rapper Soulja Boy turned 21 on Thursday, and while we’re nearly positive he was knee-deep in drugs, alcohol, and ass on his big day, he also was reportedly knee-deep in his own, personal, expensive-as-hell jet.

The kid turned 21, had a beer, and bought a f*cking jet worth $55 million dollars. Now that is a birthday present. To yourself.

Soulja Boy reportedly actually purchased the jet for $35 million, but tacked on another $20 million in upgrades to make the price a much cooler and hip $55 mil. » Read more: Soulja Boy Buys Himself a F#cking Jet

Tea Party Says, “Don’t Spill the Tea” | Classroom Boxing

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I was looking for humorous clips about congressmen, politicians, or activists (double points if it has to do with the tea party movement because that’s hot traffic right now) and I found this:

Where’s the teacher?  Notice the large can of tea sitting on the desk.  I think if the fight would have went real the little guy would have one.  The boy in the yellow shirt seems a tad submissive.  I think they should do another round (rules are they both have to hold a can of tea, first one who drops it loses, head shots allowed)  They could call it the tea party.



Smoking Crack, The New American Pass-Time?

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Somewhere in Milwaukee,WI

Most people spend time with their families over the holiday weekend, however Mike Lawery of Milwaukee, WI was willing to give us an interview of his weekend on this year’s visit to the hood.

We met Mike at an undisclosed house in downtown Brew City.  The 42 year-old man was having an Easter egg hunt of his own looking through the carpet of the crack-house for one last morsel.  He consented to grant us full interview rights for $5.

Interview with the crack-head:

Mike: “Ahhh man,. so what.  You wanna ask me?”

Smoking Crack, The New American Pass-Time?

LGO: “Not much, you’re a crack-head”

There it is, you’re reading an article about crack-heads now, look at yourself.  The truth is that it’s a real problem to find the good stuff.  Let’s stay up for 3 days straight, working on my car, pacing the living room, and saying “ssssh, quiet”  Great times, this writer just doesn’t see them.

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Casey Anthony Acquitted, Vows to Steal Sports Memorabilia Back

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Anthony Not Guilty

Casey Anthony's stock is on the rise.

Casey Anthony was officially declared Not Guilty today, July 5th, 2011. Anthony, facing life in prison or the death penalty for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, received three Not Guilty verdicts for the worst charges, while receiving Guilty verdicts for three counts of false information (or lying to police).

Upon hearing the Not Guilty verdicts, Anthony broke into tears and was consoled by her defense team. After regaining her composure, Anthony approached the microphone and said, “That takes care of that. Now I’m going after my sports memorabilia that’s rightfully mine”. » Read more: Casey Anthony Acquitted, Vows to Steal Sports Memorabilia Back

Flooding Music | If it keeps on Raining!!

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When you’re viewing news of the floods, this is the track to listen to. There’s nothing funny about it, keep your heads up.

Responsibility | Response to Hate Male

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Drink to Us

Drink to Us

Responsibility.  Why are we taking this?  Your quiet desperation thunders inside while you wish you’ve had more courage in the past.  You most likely blame this on someone and we hope it’s not the person you know you can be, but just,…

Business guru Brian Tracy says, “The difference between winners and losers is that losers do what they want to when they want to do it.  Winners do what the have to no matter if they want to or not.

CHANGE – (not Mr O’s change, but change itself)

Don’t Force Yourself into something you don’t want to do, but agree with yourself that sometimes change is a good thing.  Think about what you can change.  Inspire yourself and focus on the truth.  You’ll feel better knowing that you’re not alone in your quest to become great.  Some people don’t realize how valuable they are.

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Charlie Sheen’s “Winning Recipes”

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Winning Recipes

Sheen keeps on winning with this awesome video.

All the haters had a field day at Charlie Sheen’s expense after his opening show for his tour went sour, but we weren’t so quick to judge. However, that doesn’t mean we weren’t absolutely elated to see this bounce-back performance by Sheen, originally released on

After watching this, we dare you to not bow down and kiss the feet of all things that make up the great Charlie Sheen. In the words of the great one, this clips is “Winning”. Literally, it’s Winning..Recipes. Enjoy: » Read more: Charlie Sheen’s “Winning Recipes”

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Gay? Soooo Unexpected…

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Gayness Rating

JTT could be gay, some bitch says.

Remember that 90′s teen heart throb, you know, the cocky midget kid from Home Improvement? Yeah, he’s totally gay. And we could have called it a mile away. Okay, okay, so we don’t know if he’s actually gay, but if you’re pissed about reading this as a potential fact, don’t leave your angry comments on our site.

According to Lo Bosworth, JTT is completely gay. Bosworth said as much in a recent interview on the Chelsea Lately show with comedian and talk show host, Chelsea Handler.

It was actually a bit of a side comment that appears to have taken on a life of its own, but somehow, this is news. Actually, more than anything, its just a nice little path to another Gayness Rating article, and something we just couldn’t afford to pass up.

This isn’t the first time someone questioned JTT’s sexuality. Because of questionable roles where he played a gay man and a bi-sexual man in separate appearances, rumors went wild in the early 2000′s. JTT didn’t seem to be overly upset at the time, but was more just irritated how “willingly people accepted it”. » Read more: Jonathan Taylor Thomas Gay? Soooo Unexpected…

Don’t Pass This Around Because We Don’t Own These Pictures.

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Always Classy

This one speaks for itself, who is this guy? I bet he's interesting.

So, you’ve already looked at the picture on the left before reading this because images are more efficient than text.  What I’m getting at is that this post is simply a random collection of really bad tattoos rom a Google Images search.

I wanted to cheer myself up, and looking at other people’s mistakes seems to always work.  You know it’s not right, but it’s the truth.  I’ve included my personal comments in the photos as you can see.  Be sure to send a link to this post to your entire office email list or all of your online friends. » Read more: Don’t Pass This Around Because We Don’t Own These Pictures.

Fail Clone Post Number 2 | Knee | Updated

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I just had to post this on here,.   This guys form is terrible and he shouldn’t have been in this sport in the first place.  Please send the hate mail.

It seems that this is a popular injury and I don’t know why this makes me laugh, it just does. » Read more: Fail Clone Post Number 2 | Knee | Updated