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Bill O’Reilly, You Dick

October 14th, 2010

We don’t have anything in particular to say about this, but Bill O’Reilly made the news for all the wrong reasons, as he took a stab at Muslims on the set of The View, and it was apparently bad enough to have Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar leave the set.

You can check out the video below, but regardless of your opinion on the matter, we’re backing O’Reilly. We wouldn’t want to sit next to Joy Behar, either.

Listen to him. Because you’ll learn. This beautiful display of “extremism” brings us back. Like, way back. Okay, not that far back. But it brings this writer back to this: » Read more: Bill O’Reilly, You Dick

The Danger of Bandannas

May 5th, 2010

If you don’t know already sometimes sporting that loud colored bandanna screams idoit.

However wearing a bandanna doesn’t always qualify you for douchebag status, but there are right and wrong times to wear one.  The correct time might be when you’re attempting to dress like Bret Micheals or if are Bret Micheals, and the wrong time might be if you are not Mr. Micheals.

Bret Micheals Side Note: Is the bandanna to blame for the brain hemorrhage? (too soon?)

We’ve borrowed (, then aggressively edited and updated (copy and pasted), the following list of when it’s the right time to pull out your paisley handkerchief and tie it around your melon. » Read more: The Danger of Bandannas

Ever Use Bushism to Your Advantage?

October 27th, 2009
Tasty Evil Doer

Tasty Evil Doer

We’re not saying that the former president eats kittens or anything weird like that.  What we are saying is that during his 8 years in office he has participated in some strange and unusual activities, let’s focus on some of his quotes.

Crazy George Bush Quotes aka “Bushisms”

where to start?

“I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 16, 2008

“I didn’t grow up in the ocean — as a matter of fact — near the ocean — I grew up in the desert. Therefore, it was a pleasant contrast to see the ocean. And I particularly like it when I’m fishing.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Sept. 26, 2008

“We’ve got a lot of relations with countries in our neighborhood.” –George W. Bush, Kranj, Slovenia, June 10, 2008

“I’ll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., May 12, 2008
Here’s one that you can use anytime you accept a promotion.

“So long as I’m the president, my measure of success is victory — and success.” –George W. Bush, on Iraq, Washington, D.C., April 17, 2008

You can find more “bushisms” at:

New Gayness Test Under Development

October 27th, 2009

There are some new studies being conducted in China, of all places, on how genetics effect the way the brain responds.

Basically, you can ask someone just a few questions, and based off of their answers (comparing with results from thousands of others) you can determine their sexual preferences.  We don’t have access to the actual question/survey but we’ve developed on internally.  Fill it out below. Let’s have some fun.

What’s Your “Gay Score”?

The Shizzolator's Spinnn'ach

October 26th, 2009

Shittn On'm, Okay?

Shittn On'm, Okay?

Snoop Dog

If you don’t know who Snoop D. O. “double” G is, then you either don’t like hip hop or you need to listen to more music, watch more movies or get more news.  The purpose of this post is to ponder the impact Gizz Lifted may or may not have played in the role of Mr. Shizzolator’s success to date.

The video example below should be seen as exhibit A or should I say X to the Z, A.

If you want to skip right to 3:25 for when Snoop comes in.  Otherwise, it’s always nice to listen to a classic.

He was sitting there, and if you know then you know.

I’m not sure what my point was here, but thanks for reading.

Paul McCartney, Step Away From The Mic

October 22nd, 2009

After five years of silence, Paul McCartney announces that he’s going to do a new European tour.

My parents generation say that there’s two types of people.

There’s Elvis People and there’s Beatles People.

To talk negatively about either one is usually going to bring at least half of the room up and ready to kill you.  So just to be clear, I’m not saying I dislike the Beatles.  I’m only saying that I don’t care about any of Paul McCartney’s music going forward.  I’ve heard what there is to hear.

Here’s why:

In my humble opinion I think he’s just a “pretty good bass player” that was in the right place at the right time. Just listen to him collaborate with other musicians and you can plainly see that he’s 4th rate at best.

Here’s Paul w/Linkin Park and Jay-Z:


Here’s Paul with Michal Jackson.  What are they drinking in the beginning of this one,. Jesus Juice?


Sure there’s a lot of talent, but if I wanted to see anyone tour again it would be Carl Douglas:


Tell me that Paul McCartney is better than Carl Douglas?

Well, Carl Douglas was better than Elvis Presley.  If you don’t agree with that, at least Carl wrote his own music.