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Sites We Like: The Chuck Norris Facts

September 29th, 2010

Yes,. We are Chuck Norris Fans here at LGO, and we thought it would be a service to our readers to draw attention to at site that has a listing of slick one lines that proclaim Mr Norris’s greatness.

We’ve borrowed some of the good ones from and we encourage you to visit their site to see more,.

If you want even more content on Chuck Norris you may want to search our site.

btw, Gayness Rating: 0

Enjoy… » Read more: Sites We Like: The Chuck Norris Facts

Laughing Gas Comedy Improv – Gaynisial Rating

September 6th, 2010
Laughing Gas Improve

It's All About The F$#$# Cape, WTF!

No, Laughing Gas Online is not the same group as Laughing Gas Comedy Improv.

Hopefully if you’ve  searched for this Miami, FL group on our site you’ll find this article telling you that we are not them.

We’ll even take the next step and direct you to the correct site:

(go there now!  Unless you care what we think about them or other stuff) » Read more: Laughing Gas Comedy Improv – Gaynisial Rating

LGO Deeper Thoughts | Drag Racing

August 19th, 2010

The first thing that should come to mind when you hear the words drag racing should be cars and not a bunch of guys wearing dresses bent over a starting line.  We’ve all wanted to race, and we’ve all felt the thrill of going fast.  Some Wal-Mart customers find this high on their life’s priority list, even having the greatly missed “3′s” commemorative plates,. and that’s them.

Below is a video of a Ferrari vs. a Smart Car  I want you to watch this so you “get” the pretense.

That Was Fun!!  ( [in the voice of Borat] “Not”) » Read more: LGO Deeper Thoughts | Drag Racing