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Smoking Crack, The New American Pass-Time?

July 29th, 2011

Somewhere in Milwaukee,WI

Most people spend time with their families over the holiday weekend, however Mike Lawery of Milwaukee, WI was willing to give us an interview of his weekend on this year’s visit to the hood.

We met Mike at an undisclosed house in downtown Brew City.  The 42 year-old man was having an Easter egg hunt of his own looking through the carpet of the crack-house for one last morsel.  He consented to grant us full interview rights for $5.

Interview with the crack-head:

Mike: “Ahhh man,. so what.  You wanna ask me?”

Smoking Crack, The New American Pass-Time?

LGO: “Not much, you’re a crack-head”

There it is, you’re reading an article about crack-heads now, look at yourself.  The truth is that it’s a real problem to find the good stuff.  Let’s stay up for 3 days straight, working on my car, pacing the living room, and saying “ssssh, quiet”  Great times, this writer just doesn’t see them.

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First Confessional – Tim Reiff

October 26th, 2009
I'm Only Gay if I like it, Right?

I'm Only Gay if I like it, Right?

Tim Reiff – Date Rape, Urr No?

My name is Tim Reiff and I have a heavy story that’s been on my chest for at least 2 years.  I haven’t shared what happened to me with anyone, not even those who are closest.  This event has caused me to seek therapy with a medical professional.

During my therapy sessions, Dr. Howard expressed that it would be very beneficial to arrive at a point of closure.  To get there, first I need to have identified with what happened.  Then I need to tell someone, and I decided to go with this blog.

Two summers ago I went out drinking from my friends.  I’m going to leave out the gory details but I woke up in a van.  And no,. Chris Farley Fans, it was not “down by the river”

This rusty Chevy van was parked downtown in the ramps.  Long story short, I woke up with a used rubber stuck between my ass cheeks.

I’m really not sure exactly what happened, but I will never drink “swamp water” again.  I did it, I went to the physical level of Man Love.  I know I’m not gay, but what was I thinking?

LGO Answer-

@ LGO we have been discussing doing a confessional category where we take submissions from our subscribers or views and post them here on the blog.  So if you have confessions, write them up and send them to us.

We’re not touching the confession up above Tim, Sorry.  We think you should keep your past between you and your therapist or man-rapist, whichever it is for you.