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Movie Isn’t Realistic, Says Only Sane Guy In Theater

May 11th, 2010
angry guy

Fuck this movie!

Okay, I really do have to apologize for “ruining” everyone’s night and movie-going experience here, but come on, someone has to step up to the plate and get this out in the open.

What the fuck is up with people leaving doors open all the time?

I get that it’s not “real” and that this is “just a movie”, but can we all just agree that the director of this film is one absent-minded fuck?

Okay, so here’s how it plays out, for those who missed it: » Read more: Movie Isn’t Realistic, Says Only Sane Guy In Theater

The Danger of Bandannas

May 5th, 2010

If you don’t know already sometimes sporting that loud colored bandanna screams idoit.

However wearing a bandanna doesn’t always qualify you for douchebag status, but there are right and wrong times to wear one.¬† The correct time might be when you’re attempting to dress like Bret Micheals or if are Bret Micheals, and the wrong time might be if you are not Mr. Micheals.

Bret Micheals Side Note: Is the bandanna to blame for the brain hemorrhage? (too soon?)

We’ve borrowed (, then aggressively edited and updated¬†(copy and pasted), the following list of when it’s the right time to pull out your paisley handkerchief and tie it around your melon. » Read more: The Danger of Bandannas