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More Japanese Classics

November 29th, 2009

This first one is crazy.  I can’t imagine trying to do this on the general public here in America without getting a crazy lawsuit.

Here’s one that’s pretty cool as well. Getting 100 people organized to randomly harass people in public. My favorite is the third “attack”. » Read more: More Japanese Classics

Moutain Dew Mouth

November 21st, 2009
It's Dew'Rific

It's Dew'Rific

While all soft drinks can cause some general tooth decay, dentists consider Mountain Dew to be the worst because it contains high amounts of sugar and caffeine.  Doing the Dew with a 20-ounce bottle will give a child 19 teaspoons of sugar and 93 milligrams of caffeine, which is nearly equivalent to an adult dose of NoDoz.

What does that mean?  What does a lifetime of Drinking the Dew, Dew to Your Dental?

John Flarex - Alrest, MI "Mountain Dew Mouth"

John Flarex - Alrest, MI "Mountain Dew Mouth"

Frank Bergstrom - Fresno, CA

Frank Bergstrom - Fresno, CA

Kevin Roberts - Fort Springs, FL

Kevin Roberts - Fort Springs, FL

“Drink Mt. Dew and You’ll Discover,

It Quenches Thirst Like No Other,

A Blend of Citrus, Just For You,

So Smooth, It Goes Down Easy To,

Mountain Dew”

Japanese Game Show Clip

November 21st, 2009

One thing that is particularly fascinating about Japanese humor is that they allow a deeper level of humiliation than we do here in the West.  I’ve searched for clips online, only to find that they are soon removed due to copyright violations.  Here’s one that’s still alive, if I can find more, we’ll post them.

Library Game Show – Quiet Please

This game is similar to a Russian roulette of sorts.  Basically before every round a penalty is presented.  Participants draw cards.  A select card will indicate loss,.   Ask yourself,. Would You Play?

This Article Isn’t Worth Reading

November 20th, 2009
Scratch n' Sniff

Scratch n' Sniff

So you must not have read the title and jumped right into reading the article?  Maybe you ignored the advice in the title of this article?  The fundamental truth is that books can be judged by their cover.  If the situation arises that you found a good book that just so happens to have a crappy cover,. two things have happened.

One- You ignored the crappy book cover, investing in an idea that had the potential to suck before Chapter 1,.. indicating that you have no taste.

Two- Some moron writer was able to have his book read despite having a crappy cover,. indicating that the integrity of cover design isn’t important to that individual.



Dead Cow, Dead Horse, Dead Dog,.

We don’t want to beat a dead squirrel over this analogy however we must summarize:   If you want a crappy book, that’s not worth reading, look for a crappy cover.  It’s your best bet.  As for articles, usually the title will tell you if it’s worth reading or not.


Knock Outs Vs. Bitch Slap

November 19th, 2009

Here’s a short collection of knock outs from various street fights and altercations.  Below that, we have the bitch slap in slow motion.  We’ve debated on building a site dedicated to knockouts, and/or hard hits. There’s just something about other’s pain that can be funny.  I personally would rather be victim to the bitch slap instead of the knock out.

And of course the slow motion bitch slap:

Stephen Colbert vs. Chuck Norris – Quick Breakdown

November 3rd, 2009
Round House

Chuck's Rooundhouse, Can Kill a Husky

Slow Down, I know what you’re thinking.  Chuck Norris with one quick round house kick would Texas Ranger Stephen in two seconds flat?  Maybe twenty years ago.


Stephen, With his sword of Truth

Now, Today, Stephen Colbert is a spry 45 years old and Chuck Norris is 65.


That’s a twenty year age difference and anyone who watches professional fighters knows that even a year or two can make or break someone’s chance of winning.


Chest Hair, Ouch

Chuck Norris still stays in shape with his total gym, but it’s not like Stephen doesn’t work out as well.  Remember, lets look at Chuck’s record.  Sure, he’s had some wins?  Well, at least in the movies where he’s pretend beating up jokers.  In real life, Bruce Lee owned Chuck.

You say, “That was Bruce, and he’s bad ass in his own right”, but did you know about Chuck’s humiliating loses to Joe Lewis and Allen Steen?  Did you know about his loss to Louis Delgado. On November 24, 1968?

Chuck Norris Homless

It Would be Cool to Get RoundHoused By Chuck

Of course Chuck ended up avenging most of his losses and I’m a huge fan of his past accomplishments, but I have doubts that he could take Mr. Colbert.


Chaffetz Loses By Decision Against Colbert

Stephen is no stranger to physical contests.  Earlier this year he leg wrestled and beat one of his long time opponents.  Stephen has a huge gang of followers.  I’m not saying that Mr. Norris doesn’t have any fans, but has he ever been ordered to shave his head by the president?



If You’re doubting that Stephen would have a chance, don’t forget about his .38 revolver “Sweetness” that Stephen carries on him at ALL Times.  If you read into Stephen’s past you’ll see that he’s had a hard life, and I’m not going to get into details because this is a comedy blog, that would be over the line.  We can argue a good case for Stephen, but who knows, Chuck might be able to take him?  I really don’t know.


Toilet Paper of Chuck Norris